FPE Panels

Upgrade your FPE Panels.

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system; it is designed to regulate all the electricity coming and going. If your home is equipped with a Federal Pacific Electrical panel (FPE), we highly recommend giving a licensed, expert electrician a call as soon as possible.

Federal Pacific Electrical panels are known for their inability to provide proper protection to families. If your home was built between 1950 and 1990 and you suspect that your home has an FPE panel, our electricians will likely suggest that your electrical panel be replaced as soon as possible. Continuing to use an outdated electrical panel can be very dangerous.

Why are FPE Panels Dangerous?

As a safety measure, your breakers are designed to trip in order to protect your home from overloaded and short circuits. Various tests have been conducted on FPE Panels and it has been found that one in four FPE panels are defective and do not properly trip. A breaker that does not properly trip is a very serious issue, as electrical fires and other hazards can occur. It has been estimated that nearly 2,800 fires occur each year because of FPE panel use.

Check the brand of your panel by look at the following locations:

  • Panel Cover
  • Breakers
  • Inside the Panel Cover
  • UL Tag

For the safety and your family and your home, MorningStar Light & Electric recommends leaving any panel repair or replacement work to a licensed, trained electrician. Never attempt a repair on your own.

Our certified electricians will replace your FPE panel with a new, updated panel. We understand that electrical emergencies are never convenient and at times hazardous. For this reason, we promise to address your electrical problem as quickly as possible.

Scheduling an appointment with MorningStar Light & Electric means getting quality service from a licensed, trusted electrician when YOU need it. We always provide the cost of the work before we begin; no surprised or hidden fees!

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