GFCI Outlets

Protect you and your family from shock and electrocution with GFCI outlets!

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) provide homeowners with peace of mind by offering added protection against severe shock and electrocution. A ground fault will occur when electricity travels outside its intended path. The electricity is trying to get to the ground through the shortest route, so if you’re touching the ground (or even water), your body becomes the means through which it will travel. In both cases, it is extremely dangerous and can hurt or even kill you.

A GFCI device will remove energy in a circuit when it detects a difference in the amount of electricity passing through and returning, or if there is a “leak” in the current. Keep you and your family out of harm’s way by having a licensed, trained electrician install GFCI outlets in your home.

The experts at MorningStar Light & Electric can repair, install, or replace GFCI outlets in your home. When it comes to electrical outlets, we recommend leaving any repair or installation to a licensed, expert electrician.

In many cases, home inspectors require that GFCIs be installed before buying or selling. Avoid potential problems and accidents by giving the experts at MorningStar Light & Electric a call today. Scheduling an appointment with us means getting quality service from a licensed, professional electrician when YOU need it.

We always provide the cost of the work before we begin; no surprises or hidden fees!

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